Hello everyone!

I hope Iím posting this in the right section. Im looking to make a little extra money to pay for school this coming semester and Iím wondering if anyone needs help during the 2021 season in the Eau Claire area?

A little bit about myself is that Iím originally from River Falls, Wi and I am a graduating senior in BioChemistry from UW-Eau Claire. I took a year off of school to join the U.S. Army and achieved my dream of becoming a Combat Medic (68W). Back when I was in high school I saw a video on youtube on how to make maple syrup from scratch, just from the back yard and instantly I was hooked! I then started very small (only 6 taps) and made 1/2 gallon of syrup. I was very proud of myself for doing all of this on my own. I then over the years started tapping more and more trees to get to the number of 64 taps. I built my own evaporator with the help of my dad and became a ďwell oiled maple syrup producing machineĒ. Overtime, school became much more rigorous to the point where I couldnít make syrup by myself anymore. Now, 2 years removed, I am able to afford the time to make or in the case, help make syrup. So if you guys need help or know anyone that needs help making syrup this year, my number is CELL: (715)-307-8924 EMAIL: eaton.erik@gmail.com

Thank you very much!