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Thread: Anybody built an 8x40 RO?

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    Default Anybody built an 8x40 RO?

    I'm curious if anyone out there has built an 8x40 RO unit for around 500-1000 taps. I'm planning to build an RO and can't fork out the money for a pre-built unit and it seems like making the jump from 2 - 4x40 membrane units to a single 8x40 unit is financially significant. What I don't understand is what the gain would be for the price paid in going to a larger unit. Anybody built one or have experience between the 4" and 8" units? Thanks for the discussion.

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    I've never built one, but mathematically, doubling the radius of a tube will result in increasing the available surface area by a factor of 4. In other words, a single 8" unit would have the same theoretical capacity as four 4" units. Likely there are many other complicating factors....
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    The 8" membrane will allow for higher pressure also.
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