People have very different and very strong feelings about cemeteries. Some think nothing of them -- some are totally freaked out by them. I mowed an awful lot of cemeteries in high school and paid a lot of bills back then. I wouldn't be caught dead in one now (seriously...I spent enough time there while living that I have no desire to be buried in one). After I got done my brother took over, then an even younger brother took them on and is still doing them with his kids as part of his property management business.

My Father-in-Law built his house right next to the cemetery most of the past 30 yrs. He figured they were nice quiet neighbors, but he also was the caretaker and on the cemetery association for many, many years. He spent his last few years in a condo and passed away in he's back "home" now.

As far as tapping trees in them....probably best to be respectful of those who are there and those who visit.