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Thread: Looking to build an RO

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    Default Looking to build an RO

    Iím wondering if anyone can provide me some links on building an RO for approximately 200 taps. Thereís a lot of information on this site and online that Iím a bit overwhelmed. Thanks.

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    Are you collecting with buckets, vacuum, or gravity tubing? How many gph is your evaporator- lots of info to become overwhelmed with, but we need to know what you want out of an RO.
    I read all 57 pages of this RO/DIY forum before modifying the 2nd hand RO I bought. chenged from gas to electric and added a 2nd membrane.

    With 200 taps you should be able to put together a basic single 4x40 with a procon pump on a 1 hp motor for about $1k. Flow meters are a must, hi & low pressure switches are a luxury but not a necessity. Just remember you need to make at least enough permeate each day to wash/rinse your membrane when finished.

    http://mapletrader.com/community/sho....-Oh-My!/page8 This was one of the most helpful threads for me
    2012 15 jugs
    2017 125 3/16 -18"x 6' drop flue, home made arch
    2018 240 3/16 12 bags -Deer Run 125 RO
    2019 450 3/16 -converted RO to electric, added a membrane
    2020 600 3/16 -Maple Pro 2x6 Raised Flue, added AOF/AUF


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