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Thread: 372xp rebuild advice?

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    Default 372xp rebuild advice?

    Anyone rebuilt their 372 and can recommend a place to get parts, and especially a good walkthrough video? I've never done it but I'm sure I'm capable just like to see it done once to know what I'm doing

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    YouTube has a few videos for that saw. Most parts are online for them also. Or google nearest dealer parts and kits are available for them.

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    I just put a new piston in a Husky 350. A very easy job. Piston ring and wristpin on eBay $25.00 Lots of rebuild videos on YouTube. My cylinder had no grooves just aluminum on the wall. Cleaned it off with some muriatic acid and a Qtip. Just be careful of the fumes, you don't want to breathe that stuff.
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    I’ve only ever rebuilt stihls, but I’ve had a fair amount of luck on eBay buying kits to rebuild them, but most times they weren’t OEM parts. Keep in mind you get what you pay for. Sounds like it shouldn’t be too bad of a job. Farmertec made some half decent aftermarket parts
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    Check out either Hearth.com or Arborsite.com forums, some real experienced chainsaw enthusiasts over on both of those sites and very helpful. I bought a mint Stihl 400 Magnum off a guy after asking for his help rebuilding another saw...shipped it for free from Oregon.

    Anywhoo, just saying they are good people - good luck!
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    Rebuilt many saws using parts from this supplier.
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