It's been a while since anyone posted anything and since cool weather was here I thought I'd start this thread to see what sugar makers are up to.

I have been working firewood mostly and clearing trails. I have a lot of damaged lines this fall. Some I took down to get to some trees we logged and cut up the tops. So I will start to at least damage inventory and pre-hang some back up. I have moved some dry wood to the shack but need to move more. I need to flag out another line or two as I'm going to tap a few more trees this year as I have sold out early and got an order for a farm market for next spring. The wife is retiring January 1 and says she'll man the evaporator for some extra hours, we'll see how that goes . Want to put a new thimble on the evaporator and I want to put a new floor covering down in the shack. The wood floor is looking pretty worn. I think I go with some vinyl or laminate in the working area. I have concrete board all around the evaporator and it good, it's just the work and loafing area needs refreshed. Anyone, have any recommendations for a new floor covering. I want something I can mop.