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Thread: Mainline wire quality

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    Default Mainline wire quality

    Iíve been using tractor supply 12.5 high tensile wire from the beginning. Iím wonder if the wire from the maple dealers are any better or a good go to that everyone likes? The problems Iíve been having is the crimp sleeve have been sliding and wire has sometimes randomly snapped. The coating on my wire has flaked off also. I have tried different crimp tools and have checked and adjusted them to the spec. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks mike.
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    You may want to try a few Gripples instead of the crimp sleeve. They are a little pricey but also reusable and I have never had one fail. I have used tractors supply wire without issue. They make a gripple tension tool too. I have it but you really do not need it if you don't mind a few extra side ties. The tool comes in handy on 500 foot or longer wire runs to get it a little tighter before side ties are used but I still side tie.
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    I'm using tractor supply wire too, for maple and cattle & sheep! Here's the knot I started using after the crimp sleeves failed miserably on both fence and mainline. Gripples work GREAT, my best friend manages grazing alotments for the Monongahela National forest, and that's what they have been using for years- however, I found this video, and have yet to have a figure 8 fail. My mainlines, and I even have some pump lines suspended, they are stretched TIGHT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9FOEvooxqY
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