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Thread: did i screw up

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    Default did i screw up

    when i stored my membranes i flushed them with permeate then put them in a pvc cannister with permeate , sealed it and stored in coldroom in basement....no soap wash or acid wash just flushed with permeate...did i do wrong?

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    Very possibly. I suggest you now put them back into the RO,, rinse them, then do a soap wash followed by an acid wash, let the acid wash set 3-4 days. Then repeat the process a second time. After that do a benchmark test. If they pass, then do another wash, acid wash and final rinse. Then add preservative and store them again until preps for next season.
    You should never just pack the membranes without doing both a soap wash then an acid wash and finally adding preservative. If you don't the membranes may likely be permanently ruined. A costly mistake.
    If you have serious doubts buy new membranes. After using mine for 9 seasons I found they started passing a little sugar. I just bought MES membranes. After checking which membranes most producers were replacing theirs with and how the new ones performed it was either H2O or MES, but MES got about twice the good reports that H2O did. MES also seems to have one of the best prices too. I still will save my old ones for emergencies.
    By the way, you will need good water to do the washes, no hardness and no chlorine. If you have soft water, good, if you use soft chlorinated water, let it set for at least 3-4 days to lose the chlorine before doing the washes.
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