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Thread: Maple Cure Ham Suggestions

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    Default Maple Cure Ham Suggestions

    Hey all!

    I hope this finds everyone doing well in the midst of everything going on. I wish we were in different circumstances, but hey, may as well make the best of it by eating maple products! I was curious if anyone on here has a favorite maple cure for hams, dry or wet? I have been researching a decent amount but I am really surprised to see how few legitimate maple cures I can find that actually are somewhat "old-school". I love maple ham, and I just bought a pork and I plan to cure and smoke one of the fresh hams. Any links to others' recipes or homemade suggestions would be awesome! Thanks!


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    Hey Kaboone:
    I've never cured a ham but yesterday we cooked a "Maple Glazed Ham" that was the best ham I've ever had. I poached our ham a little longer than the recipe maybe another half hour. it is a Jacques Pépin recipe.
    My go to link for sausage making is Len Poli's website he has a recipe for maple sugar cured ham I'll bet if you just substituted syrup it would work. Jay
    click on "formulations" then the "bacon" link and its under "maple flavored ham"
    Zucker Lager

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