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    Anyone know why the Trader has been removed from the tapatalk app?
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    Hi there! I too am having a similar/same issue with Maple Trader on Tapatalk. I've pasted my email exchange with Tapatalk support in italics, below, as well has a message to the Maple News Administrator within the notifications section of the Maple Trader website, immediately below. I haven't heard back from the Maple Trader Admins, so if anyone has suggestions on who might be best to contact to help update the plug-in that Maple Trader uses in Tapatalk, I'd be happy to relay Tapatalk's support message, help test the update, etc. Thank you.

    Hello Maple Trader Administrators, Thank you for continuing to run this site. It's excellent. Maple Trader has disappeared from the Tapatalk app. Could you help re-establish Maple Trader on Tapatalk? I've pasted the email thread of my exchange with Tapatalk support earlier today, below. Thank you.

    On Mon, Jul 20, 2020 at 8:11 AM [my email] wrote:

    The Maple Trader forum seems to have disappeared from the Tapatalk app. I am a member, but it no longer appears on my list of groups. Also, when I try to search for it in Tapatalk to add it back as a group, I can't find it. Could you help me re-establish Maple Trader on my list of groups?

    Thank you.

    On Mon, Jul 20, 2020, 7:58 PM Chris W <chris@tapatalk.com> wrote:

    Thank you for contacting Tapatalk!
    That forum is running on an out of date Tapatalk plugin, which is causing issues. In fact, the plugin is so out of date that it can no longer work.
    We contacted the forum owner to update their plugin. Please report the same to your forum admin as requests from members are looked into more quickly.

    Tapatalk Support

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