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Thread: Question on cleaning a tote

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    Default Question on cleaning a tote

    I have a chance to get a few free 275 totes. Problem is they had an Alcohol-based gel-type hand sanitizer in them. Any idea how I could clean these out for use in sap colection/RO water storage?
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    I would imagine lots of hot water under pressure, maybe a little a soap, maybe. Lots and lots of hot water, though. But I might be wary of using those until I did some homework. I've never read a label on a bottle of hand sanitizer to see what exactly is in it. Anything not suited for consumption? You don't think of it as being such, but plastic is a porous material. Has the plastic soaked up any gel ingredients that may transfer into the water or sap? And then your going to concentrate them by boiling it down.
    I'm not saying they can't be used- I'm not sure- but you have to be very mindful of used containers. All of my cage tanks and plastic drums were either new or had a food product shipped in them originally.

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    Read a few different containers of hand sanitizer, if there is a warning about swallowing, I'd be very wary. As Bucket Head said, plastic is porous and they may not be good to use. My guess is that any alcohol in them is wood alcohol and not grain, but that's only a guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maple flats View Post
    My guess is that any alcohol in them is wood alcohol and not grain, but that's only a guess.
    Typically sanitizers are made with either isopropyl alcohol or denatured ethanol. Other additives vary considerably (moisturizers, scents, thickening agents, etc.).

    Maple producers in Canada are being encouraged to NOT use isopropyl alcohol for their tubing cleaning this year due to shortages.
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    if you can't eat the contents, I'd definitely skip it. And not everything you can eat is suitable for maple processing (soy sauce). I only buy used food grade, usually vegetable oil, containers. They clean up very well.
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