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Thread: NH Seal of Quality

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    Default NH Seal of Quality

    We recently got inspected and got our seal of quality. In my opinion it was fairly easy to get, granted I waited till we built our new sugarhouse so we could meet some of the requirements. Such as concrete washable floor, running water with soap and paper towels. There are multiple questions that are asked and points associated with each question. You need to have 80% or better to pass. The only thing we didn't pass on was a written record of when we washed our evaporator.

    That being said, I'm wondering how many other producers are out there have the Seal of Quality. Our biggest reason for getting it was for an account that needed an inspection from some sort of governing body. All the other food inspection options were way to involved and they said the Seal of Quality would count. If you are a Seal of Quality producer, are you selling bulk syrup? Looking to purchase 2-300 gallons over the course of the year. Feel free to message me or email me at info@hardinghillfarm.com
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    Harding Hill, we have been a NH Seal of Quality member for years now and every year she always find one thing wrong, guess that's her job. This year same as you guys she got me for not recording pan washing! That was a new one on me. Never herd of it be for.
    If you are looking for local bulk syrup I would very much like to talk to you about it ! I bet we could work something out. Private message me with number to call you if interested. Thanks Jim Lukash Hillside Sugar Bush Farm Cornish NH.
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