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Thread: Leader Micro 1 actual production capacities

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    Default Leader Micro 1 actual production capacities

    Thinking of upgrading my current RO and looking at the Leader Micro 1. From everything I have heard it is a well built unit but I cannot find any actual production figures on what it will do. I tap around 175 trees all on buckets and on a good day we may have 225 to 300 gallons of sap, usually around 2.0 %. What can this unit do with a run like that and how much permeate would be needed to do the wash at the end of the day. Assume I would want to concentrate to 6%.
    Clay Stroup
    Stroup's Sugar Bush
    Almont, MI

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    2017: 80 taps, 12 gallons
    2018: 92 taps, 16 gallons
    2019: 110 taps, 34 gallons
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    You will need about 65 gallons of permeate to do a wash and rinse.
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