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Thread: Blue Plastic Lids For Plastic Buckets

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    Default Blue Plastic Lids For Plastic Buckets

    Did the companies run out of material when they were making these lids? Tried 10 plastic buckets and lids this year,only thing I can say that I like about them is being able to see from a distance how much sap is in them. The plastic spiles leaked from the day they were tapped until the day they were pulled,but most of all the lid isnít much bigger than the bucket,so any slight variation in how the bucket hangs,either from wind or collecting and not taking the time to make sure that the bucket is hanging perfectly under the lid leaves the bucket exposed to rain,snow,dirt etc. The aluminum buckets at least have a lid that is substantially larger than the bucket so the bucket is rarely exposed to the elements the same way
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    I tried a couple of these Leader buckets this year. I used metal roof style lids on them and they worked great. The buckets seemed a bit flimsy, though. When completely full they turn into a slight oblong shape on the tree.
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