Update... I used a sight level to get a more accurate elevation figure. Looks like 24' of vertical rise. So, I hooked a 5/8" x 50' garden hose to the output side, and ran it up to the second story window of my house, from the basement level. 24' feet. I also installed a vacuum gauge on a "T" for the suction line. With my wife measuring output, the 4008 took 40 seconds to pump a gallon of water upstairs, while maintaining 12" of vacuum. I think I've got a little room to tweak since I'll be using a smaller id hose for the transfer up to the sugar house, and the input will be gravity fed downhill to the pump. I had planned to use my clamp on ammeter to check current draw, but naturally it was in my work van and unavailable.
Currently building a controller now.