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Thread: Done in Hudson

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    Default Done in Hudson

    Pulled most of my buckets today. Pulled the Reds last weekend. Still have about 11 on one hillside that are still giving good clear sap, wont hold much longer though only one more cold night for the next few. I will pull them on Saturday at the latest. I always call it quits before April down here due to work picking up although mass shutdown at the moment so ironically I have the time now. Strange year for me. Started out with more sap then I have had ever. Boiled for 7 nights straight and made some real nice stuff. Made syrup 11 days earlier this season as compared with last. Then we hit the 70 degree weather and I did not boil for more than a week. The warm days killed it, one more good recharge and it was over sap went cloudy and stringy. I did come close to matching last years production and had a blast. It was great to see the look on the kids faces when we were collecting overflowing buckets during that first wave. Did not make it to visit half the people I planned to. Hope all were successful. Time to start thinking about next year. Oh, after I clean everything Thanks for all the advise and help on the site.
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    Cool The last week

    I will be pulling taps here too this weekend. Still get some nice clear sap but haven’t check the sugar content. Glad you are making it a family thing it the best when you have help from family and friends.
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    Too bad to hear that you are done, its been a wacky weather season for sure. The latest snow saved us and we are still running strong up here (nearly a foot of new snow!). Seeing the kids get involved with the hobby is awesome. Most of them cannot believe that you can get that much liquid out of a tree. I helped our neighbors with some education from home lessons for their 7-year old to learn the process of tapping trees and maple sugaring. The kids absolutely love it.
    Glad to hear that you joined the site and got great advice on here. This place is an absolute wealth of knowledge from the very beginner to full blown commercial operations.
    2015- Didn't know my new property enough to tap anything. 4-feet of snow on the ground.
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