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Thread: Sap to date

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    Default Sap to date

    So today my grandson and I collected 37 gallons from 53 taps. Yesterday we collected 115 gallons. The sugar has dropped to 2.0% from a high of 2.8%. We have collected a total of 672 gallons of sap. We'll be finishing and canning while it rains for the next 2 or 3 days and boil off the remainder in the tank. Trees still haven't budded and syrup is sweet.
    2004 - 2012 2x3 flat pan 25 to 60 taps
    2012 2x3 new divided pan w/draw off 55 taps
    2018 - didn't boil surgery - bought new evaporator
    2019 new SML 2x4 raised flue high output evap. 65 taps
    made 17 gal syrup
    2020 - going for 100 taps bags and buckets

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    SE Allegan Co here. 1900 gallons from 219 taps. Start at 2.4 Brix - dropped off after 2 days - now down to 1.2 Brix. Many of the trees are shut down.

    Towel thrown in.

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    We are a mile in from the Kzoo county line, right in the 4 corners of VanBuren, Kzoo, St. Joe, and Cass counties.

    Our 130 taps have produced 1490 gallons of sap. Sugar was running 3.5 for the first week and half. This week I have collected twice and it was 2.5 both times.
    We are sitting right around 44 gallons of syrup right now.

    Hoping for a couple more days this weekend, then I think it's over.

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