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Thread: Keeping Concentrate

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    Default Keeping Concentrate

    Due to the virus out break I may not be able to get back to my property where I sugar for 2 weeks. I have close to 4 gallons that just needs to be thicken some stored in 2 pots in my basement which is about 38 degrees. I also had drained evaporator and have 2 large pots approx. 6 gallons that will probably boil down to 2 gallons in the end. Normally I have only stored this type of product for a couple days. But now I am looking at two weeks. Any idea if this will be ok?
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    I feel your pain. I lost 15 of sweet drained from my back pan into 5g buckets last week, in 4 days it was gone. There was no sap during that time so my only option would have been to boil it all down like end of season, as I donít have a fridge or freezer big enough to hold it. Temps in my sugar shack would have ranged from 35 to 55, which was enough to turn the Sweet into globby goop. The 4 gallons of almost syrup however in my front pan survived just fine. If your temps stay at 38 constant maybe youíll fare better. Iím not sure.
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    If it's only a couple of points away from being syrup it should be okay. If it's like flue pan sap I don't think so.

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