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Thread: Cutting spouts off end of season 3/16

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    Default Cutting spouts off end of season 3/16

    Hey guys,

    Quick question. Iím planning on cutting off my CV spouts, but leaving drops and lines up and intact.
    Whatís the best way to plug lines during the off season?
    This is my first year with tubing and need some advice.


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    Any I cut off at season's end I plug them with a purpose made little tapered plug. I forget who I bought them from, likely either Leader or D&G. Most I leave on, park them by pushing the tap onto the tee post or cup on each tee, then I replace them as I do repairs just before tapping.
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    I leave my taps on and stick them into the T. If the tap doesn't fit in tee for some reason I put a cap on them. I think if you cut them off now the give the bugs the whole summer to climb in an plug a line

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    I was thinking about this one myself recently. I've always just plugged them into the T, then cut the CV off and replace during the following winter. But I wondered, since there are so many more spots for bacterial growth in the tap, does it spread into the drop more if the tap is left on? To clarify, if we cut the tap off at the end of the season, yet still plug the drop, would that lessen the bacterial growth in the drop during the off season?

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    Instead of plugging them into the tee, some people cut them off, then turn them around and plug the pointy end back into the drop. This allows you to "vacuum clean" your lines, and also avoids the problem of any un-evacuated sap pooling in a looped-over drop and getting nasty over the summer, because the drops hang straight down, and the turned-around check-valve allows any remaining sap/water to drain out.
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