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Thread: Finaally a good freeze

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    Default Finaally a good freeze

    Finally we had a good freeze. I haven't been to the sugarhouse yet today for the temperature there, but at home, just 2.5 miles away as the crow flies and nearly the same elevation it was 25F at 8:00. It seems for almost 2 weeks, any freeze I got at the sugarhouse was a low of 30F, not nearly enough to be a lot of help. I will know when I go down, I now have a min/max recording thermometer there. Usually it is 2-4 degrees F colder there than at home, but yesterday morning we had 32 at home and only 35.7 for a low at the sugarhouse.
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    26F here at 8:30 . Took up my buckets Friday, still 110 on vacuum, hope for one more shot.

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