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Thread: 2'x6' small brothers lightning

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    Default 2'x6' small brothers lightning

    I bought this evaporator this summer from a buddy of mine who is going bigger. What i am wondering is what an evaporator like this might be worth if i was to sell it outright or trade it towards a brand new one next season.

    It is a Small Brothers 2x6 lightning with i believe 7" deep raised flue, 4 compartment syrup pan and a custom made 2x2 all copper preheater on the back. All pans are soldered, not sure if its lead free or not. Any ideas on what a rig like this might be worth would be greatly appreciated.
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    Looks nice, I would guess $ 1800 to $ 2000 if you sold it outright. I would recommend you to sell it outright vs trading it to a dealer as you will come out ahead and the demand is so good for these size evaporators you could probably sell it within 24 hours on the trader this time of year.

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    keep it!!
    It's the same as a new one.
    Unless your going bigger=than talk to Parker=he would know what it would be worth on maple trader.
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    First thing I would do is a lead test,,then you know what you have,,if it is lead free and as nice as it looks seems like you could get $1800-2500,,depending on the stack-grates-pans,,there are a lot of varibels and it is hard to tell without looking BUT, those are very popular,,and the price of new one are mindblowing!!!
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    Small Brothers went out of business in 1995. That was about the same time that the maple industry started using lead free solder. Most likely it is not lead free but it is still a good looking usable evaporator. With proper use the lead shouldn't be an issue. The $1800 to $2500 price range sounds about right and that is as much as or more than it cost when it was new!

    Like others have said, keep it and use it. 2x6 evaporators are fun to boil with. If you like it and want to expand get an RO machine.


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    Thank you to all for your input. I think i will just keep this rig and get an RO if i decide to go bigger like Russ said. I called atkinson maple a couple weeks ago and told me that if i wanted to get tig welded replacment pans the same as they are it was gonna be over $5,000 dollars just for the pans with all stainless fittings. A little far outside of my budget, especially for such a small rig. Again thanks to all for your information.


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    5K for just the pans, really?

    Have they gone up that much?

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    i got a quote from aktinson and it crazy here it is
    2' x 8' with 7" raised flues, 1 centre partition, tig welded s/s 304ba, new $4795.00
    optional inlet sap float control box, only when ordered at the same time as the above pan $305.00
    optional upgrade to all stainless steel fittings on the above pan, including stainless steel ball valves, $350.00

    2' x 20" flat pan, s/s 304ba tig welded, no partition, $595.00

    Interconnection for pans not included and would be extra. A float level control would be necessary between the pans
    totalcome out to $6045.00

    then i found another guy
    2 x 7 raised flue pan = 2,100.00$
    2 x 2 syrup pan = 675.00$
    All fittings and floatboxes = 850.00$

    Lifetime warranty , completely tig welded and made with high quality bright anneal stainless steel .
    a total of $3625.00

    wich is 59.96% cheaper

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