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Thread: Our sugar maple is dying

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    Ok. Ron and I agree not to let it suffer. If anyone has the equipment to take it down safely.. Firewood or whatever. Contacting village later anyway. This is so sad. Will post another full pic later to get better idea of size

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar Bear View Post
    When woodpeckers drill holes in homes people think that it must be the insects they are after but this is NOT necessarily true.

    Woodpeckers communicate through their pecking or drumming. Hearing a woodpecker peck on a house or something else man made seems odd to us, but the bird has found something...like a soffit or fascia board on a house....that has a cavity behind it and acts like a perfect drum. The sound travels farther.

    I have no idea if they build nests in houses? But communication is certainly one reason you see them drumming on houses or telephone poles or parked cars etc.
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    Have a major power line running between two bushes. Hydro company has replaced one of the poles three times now,needs to be replaced again as a pileated woodpecker has got a hole right through the pole that you could throw a football through. He did the exact same thing with previous poles,and they are the green pressure treated poles. He will also fly down to the releaser building next door and bang away on the tin to resonate through the bush
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    We had a woodpecker that would go around our neighborhood pecking on the wood siding of houses. Just marking his territory. Poked a few small holes in our siding until he took a liking to our metal chimney. Seemed to love that because it was really LOUD, and his rounds started at sun-up. I'd run outside and he'd fly away, then come back as soon as I went inside. Finally I got up on the roof with some Tanglefoot (very sticky) and put it on the chimney where he pecked. A short time later we heard one single peck...then never another.

    Our bird problem now is keeping the darn gulls off our boat. Got it mainly figured out (bird spiders), but leave it uncovered for 10 min and they're all over it.
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