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Thread: Maple Production report

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    Default Maple Production report

    Hello folks-
    Has the Maple production report for 2020 started yet ?
    2010 40 buckets- 4 gals finished
    2011 80 buckets- 14 gals finished
    2012 105 buckets- 8 gals finished
    2013 maxed at 130 buckets- 24 gals finished
    2014 new max at 240 buckets- 18 gals finished
    2015 newest max 240 buckets-+48 taps on 3/16 gravity- 22.5 gals finished
    2016 150 taps on 3/16 gravity- tba

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    ONMaplesyrup does not have a 2020 update yet.
    First post of the season is typically about now, with updates every 2 weeks.
    I would expect a posting on sound tapping practices should be coming soon.

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    20+ years on a 2x3 block arch,
    Homemade 20"x64" drop flue since 2011

    Build a Block Arch
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    Build a Flue Pan
    Sweetening the Pans
    Build a Bending Brake
    Using a Hydrotherm
    How much Sap to Sweeten?

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