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Thread: Hobby farm upgrade.

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    Default Hobby farm upgrade.

    I'm retiring this year and am wondering what I have to to to upgrade my Sugaring operation so I can market my syrup.

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    What do you have now for an operation and what are your procedures for producing and packaging your syrup? Some of the things you can/should do are:
    Cleanness, Make sure your operation is clean.
    Proper density and packaging temperature.
    Proper grading and labeling.
    Good record keeping and accountability with every container.
    All stainless welded or lead free soldered equipment. There is a little leeway with this if you are not selling bulk but try for everything stainless and leadfree.
    Let us know what you have and I am sure we can help. Your not to far from me so if you would like to visit sometime let me know.

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    You would need to follow MA maple law as far as packaging and labeling is concerned. It wouldn't hurt to join your state maple producers association. In NH we get discounted pricing on association jugs and a lot of free promotion for maple month. Take bill m up on his offer to go visit. Maple producers like to share their knowledge and show off their operations.

    Congratulations on your retirement! Mine starts this Friday when I punch out for the last time.

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    Depending on your state you may need to have a inspection done and pay a fee. Check with your Ag dept, or food safety folks.
    Good luck! Marketing can be as much fun/ work as making it!
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