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Thread: Food grade buckets $3 donation

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    Default Food grade buckets $3 donation

    I thought I would share this with the group as some may be able to use them. Today I went into Firehouse Subs for lunch. They had 5 gal food grade buckets with lids that they used for their pickles that they were "selling" for $3/ea. I'm not sure if this sub place is everywhere or not but we have them around here in NE Ohio. This $3 was more of a donation where the money is actually going towards firemen's/firewomens lifesaving equipment and other items they need. I thought that was pretty cool.

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    I don't think you can get the pickle smell, taste out of the buckets. Some flavors just will not go away.
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    I've gotten pickle buckets before and the smell is permanent. After several cleanings and letting air out the smell is still there. They can be used for temporary transport of sap, like gathering, but not for storage. I use mine for sand and cold ashes. When I had buckets I also used them when I gathered. The sap wasn't in them long enough to soak up any of the pickle taste.

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    Default Food grade buckets $3 donation

    I worked for a whitewater rafting company. We used pickle buckets as bailers. After a full summer of continuous pressure washing they still smelled of pickles. Leave them there.

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    I have about 10 firehouse buckets that I use for gathering and to transport sap from my 10 taps in town at my office. The tops work good to snap down. No smell after a month or 2, still I would not use them directly on trees or to store syrup in.

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