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Thread: Stainless steel spiles and the Instant Pot (IP)

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    Default Stainless steel spiles and the Instant Pot (IP)

    This is my second season with the stainless steel spiles by SapMeister. I was concerned with microbe activity so I talked my wife into running them through her IP. For those who aren't familiar with an IP it is a modern pressure cooker basically.

    They did come out noticeably cleaner after an initial soak and scrub.

    Anyone have any experience with running spiles through a pressure cooker? It maybe an exercise in futility.
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    I boil my Sapmeisters, then steam them in a steamer basket in the same pot, just to make sure all the microbes are gone. I think I used a pressure cooker once, but I don't think it really makes much of a difference.

    I'm getting ready to tap, and it crossed my mind to use Everclear sprayed on the drill between holes. Maybe first spray the bark on the tree where I drill. I wonder if it might help with sanitation........
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