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Thread: Rough time frame to Tap in NH?

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    Looking at the long-range forecast, next weekend looks like the start of perfect temps! I plan to tap and set out buckets next Saturday, February 22nd.
    2016 - 33 taps - fewer taps, but only the highest producing trees from 2015 - we'll see.
    2015 - 41 taps - all buckets!
    2014 - 42 taps - all buckets!
    2013 - 34 taps - all buckets!
    2012 - First year - 21 taps in our backyard - block arch evaporator with 3 steam table pans!

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    It's 30 here at 9am. Pumps are going on, time to check for leaks. It's go time!
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    We put the tubing runs up today. The few remaining trees with buckets will go in later this week.
    2016 - 30 buckets and a barrel evaporator (outside)
    2017 - 45 buckets and a barrel evaporator (outside)
    2018 - 3/6 tubing, Mason 2x3, and a small shack

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    I put about 500 taps in today. I've got a little over 200 to do tomorrow and then it's go time. I did all of the hard ones today so tomorrow will be much easier.

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