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Thread: RO Intake and Output Tube Lengths

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    Default RO Intake and Output Tube Lengths

    Hey All,

    Just starting to plan out the new system...
    I've built a 4 membrane RO similar to the RO Bucket with an Aquatec 8852.
    I'm wondering how long the feed and output lines can be.
    I'd like to keep my holding tank and head tank about 25' apart, with the RO in the middle.
    Should I be worried about 15' of supply and 15' of output line on my small RO?


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    Easiest for the pump would be short intake and long output. I would put the RO next to your collection tank. Harder for most pumps to pull a long ways than push a long ways.
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    Another thing that helps is if the suction line is one size larger, I learned that when I grew commercial strawberries. The irrigation pump was a 3" fire pump Then the suction line from the pond was 4"x20'. That gave me far better flow than a 3" x20' did.
    If you place the RO within 2-3 feet of the sap supply tank I wouldn't worry, if you need it 15' away, use 1 size larger diameter and no elbows near the pump.
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