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Thread: Wood splitters for sugaring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
    I have a built rite 36 inch 11HP splitter. It is nicely balanced when you need to move it a few feet by hand. The log lift saves the back and you will split chunks you would never think of picking up. The cycle times are a little long with the 36 inch ram and you need an experienced operator for the auto feed and auto return. It's not really a let the kids run the handle type of machine. It was hard to justify the price, but with the 4 way wedge and someone feeding it, wood is done is no time and doesn't even feel like a chore.
    Iím reading up on them and the model 11 is the 11 horse Iím interested in. What I have been reading and watching videos on i can get a 48Ē stroke, up to a 10 way wedge with a Diesel engine. If you donít mind me asking what did you pay for your splitter? There are no prices on the website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigschuss View Post
    +1 for American. I bought one a few years ago. Made in the USA. When you call the company the owner picks up the phone and will answer all questions. Then they delivered it to my door.

    And it's a beast!
    I actually based my homemade model off of the American splitter. Grew up with one in my family and always thought they were perfect for heavy homeowner use. You can step up into a more commercial line of splitters but it’s hard to justify the price tag when you get into more of split for money type splitter

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