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Thread: Shipping Glass bottles

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    Default Shipping Glass bottles

    Hey all, it seems that every year I tap, boil, and produce a bit more. I am finally getting a demand from enough friends, family, and their friends that I need to figure out how to ship. I bottle in round glass pints and quarts. What suggestions do you all have in shipping, packaging, and the such? Thanks

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    Not being a wise guy, but consider doing some in plastic jugs. If you want to do glass, lots of bubble wrap. Either way, use newspaper, bubble wrap or whatever you can to pack the containers tight so they don’t move around. Knock on wood, but we’ve shipped as far as overseas and never had an issue but that’s with plastic jugs.

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    We just recently shipped (4) 1 gallon glass bottles to New Jersey successfully. We placed each bottle in a plastic grocery bag,then spray foam insulation around and underneath each bottle. Marked the box well as to glass,fragile,and this way up.
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    I shipped a few glass gallone style jars successfully, then had a run of 2-3 shipments that were damaged. I packaged them all the same except that 3rd one, which was packaged even better with padding and protection. I want to package in glass, but will bottle some plastic to use for shipping in the future. You never know when one of those postal guys will go postal.

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    I ship my bourbon barrel aged maple syrup in glass, never had any get broken. I ship them in medium or large flat rate boxes and pack them well using foam peanuts for orders that can fit in those sizes. When I ship full cases I ship in a 20x16x14 double wall outer box and the case of either 24 bottles of 200ml or 12 bottles of 375ml is packed inside, fully protected with foam peanuts. In general those are my only glass I ship. The rest are packed in plastic.
    In all cases the buyer pays the shipping. I buy my glass from Burch Bottle and have them ship it. They pack the glass in large master cases with all of the foam peanuts I ever need. I used to buy bubble wrap pouches for the bottles and then bought bubble wrap rolls, but I had 2 get broken doing that, so far no broken ones using the foam peanuts. I pack so the bottles are tight, not able to shift around in the box.
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    last year I did some shipping and it was a disaster. I sent 5 quarts in glass to Florida... post office destroyed the box and quarantined it with Hazmat at the florida airport. the recipient went to the airport, but couldn't get the destroyed package... filed an insurance claim with USPS and since we didn't have evidence, they wouldn't accept the claim... then I reshipped the 5 bottles. split 3 in one box and 2 in the other... this time, the 3 got destroyed... 3rd time was successful... each time, the bottles were wrapped multiple times in bubbled wrap and then completed packed tight with peanuts.. you'd be amazing at what the USPS can destroy...

    I will never attempt to ship glass again... just not worth the cost, risk or hassle...
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    A quart weighs approx. 2 pounds- that's a lot of inertia for those chuckers !!
    We ship in 500 ml maple leaf bottles.
    Adds some weight but also adds rigidity.
    good luck
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