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Thread: Trust the thermometer or hydrometer?

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    Filter aid doesn't affect hydrometer readings unless there is a huge excess of it -- same as niter doesn't effect hydrometer readings. The hydrometer measures dissolved solids, not suspended solids. If you toss a lot of sugar into a tank, you'll change the hydrometer reading. Toss a lot of dirt in and you won't. Same thing....the dirt doesn't dissolve, so the hydrometer reading isn't affected.

    I agree about the Murphy Cup being a useful tool. Bit of a learning curve (you've got to realize it is a thermometer, not a hydrometer), but once you get your head around it getting the density of syrup right is very easy.

    Perhaps there are some helpful suggestions here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...faQQkRi-tC0ut9 Check the videos on density and on filtering
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    A little gold mine of youtube vids in that link ...thanks Dr. Tim!
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    it might be you need more covers or be faster. so you bring your syrup to density. but all the time filtering, canning, moving, bottling, the hot syrup is still evaporating. i had the same problem years ago. not all my bottled syrup was heavy mostly the last couple of gallons. just my two cents
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    There is a correction chart in the Maple Syrup Producers Manual. We use it quite often when our syrup is not at exact temperature. We have had three separate batches from our 2019 syrup tested independently, one was 66.8, one was 68.0 and one was 66.2 so we apparently goofed on that one.
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