I hope everyone had a great "off season", now that the Patriots are eliminated its time to focus on maple season!

Over the past few weeks I have laid out 3000ft of new tubing. That went more smoothly than I expected. I am adding about 60 new trees this season, about 100 new taps. this should bring me somewhere near 350 or so taps.

This past weekend I took my single 4x40 NextGen RO and converted it to a 2 canister system. Hoping to now eliminate having to do 2 passes with my sap. I don't really know what to expect with it but with a 3/4HP motor and the Procon I'm hoping to be closer to 8% after 1 pass. I never seemed to have a problem with removing water with the system but my passes never really gave me the higher sugar percentages I was expecting. 2 new Dow filters should help with that. I have a few more things to finish with the RO such as the permeate lines being connected with a T and the line in my 1st canister needs to get a brass 3 inch riser so it can be tightened properly. Other than that, its good to go!

Some pix attached.