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Thread: Hobart Mixer

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    Ragged View, check this one out. https://nh.craigslist.org/bfs/d/mirr...112267157.html
    Also, if you are on Facebook check out the marketplace, because there is quite a few in the $12-1800 range.
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    Thanks, will do
    Mark Cowdrey
    Ragged View Farm
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    In the Spring of '15, after boiling with Eric Johnson of Tucker Mountain Maple for 10 years, we began boiling the sap from our 3-400 taps here. I bought my rig from Eric, a 2-1/2 X 8 raised flue on a custom air-injected wood-fired arch. We put our syrup up in glass and sell til we run out. We are not using vacuum, an RO or filter press.


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    No it should not take that long.
    About 5 minutes to the point the steam burst happens then made 15 minutes of stiring to cool down and done. Of course depends on the batch size.
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    I made some Maple Sugar with a pint of dark just to see if I could. It only took a total of 30 minutes cooking and stirring so not sure why yours went so long. Ended up with about 11 ounces sugar and another few ounces chunks/nuggets.

    I made up some chocolate chip walnut cookies replacing the regular white sugar but not the brown sugar. Couldn't really taste the maple so next time I'll try replacing both. The chunks were fantastic as an ice cream topping - reminded me of the peanut butter crunch toppings you get on soft serve.

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    Funny this thread popped up as I just made my "worst" batch of sugar today. Like you, Mark, I used a Very Dark, not scorched though. I've gradually tried out darker and darker grades and I think I finally hit the limit. It took 25+ minutes of stirring and it came out like a very thick cookie dough.

    I put it through the food mill to get it to smaller (still very wet) pieces and put it in the oven drying setting at 190 deg. It took about 4 hours and two more trips through the food mill, but I was able to save it. It's good sugar! I'm not using this syrup again, though. It's back to the Dark. I wanted to see if I could save this batch and I'm glad I did, but I don't want to do that again.

    Mark, I use the Kitchen Aid 600 Series with the bowl lift. It handles 1-quart batches well (although today I worked it over). That's about the smallest mixer you can go with. If you can afford to go bigger, then do that.

    For sieve/sifting the sugar I use this food mill. I'm VERY happy with it. I use the largest disc size which is just about 1/8".

    Woodville Maples
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    Keeping the day job until I can start living the dream.

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