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Thread: Maple Cream Question

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    Default Maple Cream Question

    So I have made Maple Cream twice in the last year and both times did not turn out like I would have expected. Seems to be firmer than I would of thought. So I am thinking I am doing something wrong. So I heat it to 234 degrees and let sit in a ice water bath till temperature is 75 degrees then stir by hand. I have both times stirred 2 long and it starts to set in the bowl while I am trying to get it out. Would stirring to long cause it to be firmer/ almost hard like you would expect from Maple Candy (is not spreadable) or maybe I am bringing it to high for temperature and need to try a few degrees lower. The first time I quickly added some maple syrup to it and stirred that in and it softened it up a little bit. This is just for personal use since I only make under 10 gallons of Syrup a year and trying to use it for other things than just syrup.


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    Too high of a temperature,should be 230-232,I generally run about 231.7 or so seems to be about right
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    You are likely boiling it a little too high. The target for cream is 22-24 deg above b.p. 234 isn't necessarily too high around here, but maybe for you it is. If your thermometer is off by a degree or two it can all add up. Keep notes as you make each batch, check the b.p. for water as you get started and/or back off your target temp a couple of degrees each time until you get the consistency you want.
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    I have learned to take my syrup off 2pts early. I have a digital thermometer and the temperature continues to climb after I take it off the Heat. When making cream and candy 1-2° is a big deal.
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