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Thread: What’s going on at Leader?

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    Fair enough and point taken. I guess I'm getting old and cynical. My post was not meant as a specific indictment on Leader just a general observation of the modernization of the Maple industry. I wish Leader nothing but good will as an American mfr and local northern New England company. We all will get a chance to see all of this play out over time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark-NH View Post
    We all will get a chance to see all of this play out over time.
    That we will.
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    This may not have come as a surprise to others, but I was disappointed last week when I showed up at Leader in Rutland and learned that they were closing the location permanently. I know things change, but that location had a pretty good run as a maple equipment company- 120ish years since Grimm opened there.
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    Quite Certain Leader is having Financial issues, you don't pull back like they have if you don't have to. If it was just about counting beans and being more profitable they would be changing much slower. They are trying to stay afloat.
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    There is always a bottom line, they did this to themselves, example: I know someone who bought 300000 dollars worth of Tubing, Mainline, a 4000 gph RO, the largest Evaporator they sold at the time and everything else to go with it, Vacuum pumps, large tanks etc... Leader unloaded all that equipment and drove away! No Tech support. CDL sends their Tech support to your camp, makes sure that everything is set up and operating properly! And Guess what they will beat Leaders prices everyday and twice on Sunday, Someday I hope to buy a new evaporator, Unless something changes I will only put a CDL Evaporator in my operation, yes I know CDL is not American made, but I drive Toyota's therefore I got over the American made thing in 1980, sorta wish it was different but it is what it is!

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