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Thread: What’s going on at Leader?

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    Leaders hasn't been financially viable for a while now. They had to make the decision to sink or swim and they chose the one that hopefully will be able to keep the little guys sugaring for years to come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarman3 View Post
    The head of the board of directors at Leader would not give Brad a long term contract plus she did not like the direction of the company that Brad was trying to take them,unfortunately the board was to old school and said that they never had any sort of contract with the old president.Bruce said it was time to retire and enjoy his wife and grandkids,and yes i am not to sure of the new president when one of his first statement was 'i don't know maple but i know how to make money',now to me that seems he is in it for himself and not the maple industry or the smaller producers,which brad and bruce always made you feel you were important,big or small.
    Must be why I don’t hear from Leader anymore,no email,no catalogs etc. Not a big enough producer in their opinion. Evaporator purchased years ago so no big purchases planned
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    Bruce, i think they re did their lists, i just got a catalog last fall and probably weekly emails. no matter what goes on there, we've got a couple stellar dealers around here, so i enjoy doing business with them for that.
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    Spoke to my local Leader dealer today, they are no longer going to be a dealer for them. Calling it quits after 20 years with them. Can't say whether Leader's woes helped that decision or not. But if it's as bad as everyone says it is there...

    Very sorry to see them close the dealership.

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    Me too, they were close by, kept in stock quite well and they could answer any questions I had. In fact, they were my only source for maple info from Feb 3rd of my first year until I attended the maple conference the following Jan. at VVS.
    I however wonder if Leader might only be part of the reason. Just a guess, but their daughter did a lot of the repairs and tapping for maybe 3 years. I wondered if she has decided to go in another direction or other interests. Jon can't do it solo and Remy can't work in the bush if she's minding the store. Maybe they make more on syrup than from working the store.
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    Past experience for me has been good, both our local dealers have been great to deal with and I have learned some valuable lessons from Bruce Gillian while walking a maple bush with him. Bruce supported me back when no one had heard or was using 3/16 and brought a few rolls up to a meeting so I could try it after I inquired. I hope that the company finds its way and continues, sometimes great things can come out of a re-evaluation. Perhaps the company will reinvent itself .

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