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Thread: Autumn prep

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    Default Autumn prep

    Hey to all my IL producing friends (and anyone else reading this),

    I assume some of you are out getting things done this fall before the weather turns to winter, which may be any day based on the crazy snow and cold we have gotten over the past few weeks. Let me know what you have been up to.

    I have pulled a new 3/4 mainline to a new section of woods this past summer and am doing the 3/16 tubing work now. I will have added 3 runs of 3/16 totaling around 50 new taps. I am basically trying to wrap up my outdoor work first and then when it turns cold I will work inside the kitchen and sap shack.

    Here's hoping that our Autumn weather holds for a few more weeks.
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    2020 - 210 taps 3/16 shurflo, upgraded hp pump on RO - 66 gallons
    2019 - 150 taps 3/16 shurflo, Deer Run 125 dolly RO - 73 gallons
    2018 - 120 taps 3/16 hybrid (shurflo), 2x6 raised flue w/hood, homemade arch w/ AUF & AOF - 34.5 gallons
    2017 - 60 taps 3/16 gravity, oil tank arck w/ steam pans - 12.5 gallons

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    I am so far behind I am just now building a new shack at my place. I have a bunch of maples my father and I planted that can now be tapped I will use 3/16 on them with a sure flow and the ones up at my mom's I will do the same on. So I might not need any buckets this year. but knowing me, at some point I will probably put some out any way. lol I have a lot more trees available to use now than ever.

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