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Thread: Auto Draft Inducer

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    Default Auto Draft Inducer

    Will an Inducer work instead of a blower in the fire box? I have one that I would like to mount on the chimney stack. Thanks for the input. Ken

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    I would be afraid to use a draft inducer on an arch. Be certain it is designed to hold up to the temperatures the stack will have.
    My arch , before air over fire (AOF) used to get to 1500-1600 at times, especially about mid point between fuelings.
    My second concern is simply that I doubt it would improve the air flow enough to be worth it. I think you need a blower furnishing the combustion air and it should be able to be adjusted in intensity.
    Besides, any draft inducer I'm aware of is to improve air flow in a forced air furnace heat duct, where the furnace blower has trouble getting enough heat thru a longer or undersized duct pipe. They typically have fans in the 1/70 -1/40 HP, hardly enough to help the fire burn. Get an appropriately sized squirrel cage blower and add an adjustable damper on the inlet to regulate
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    All the ones I have seen have been for installation in an flue to help pull the exhaust from the combustion chamber and help lift it up the flue. They tend to move air/exhaust in a column. If installed for air under fire, I think it would be blowing all the air to one side, even if installed with some type of ductwork, a majority of the moving air would be bias to one side and not evenly distributed.
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