This is the time of the year that WV producers start to ramp up, Season usually start in two months and a half. On the surface it appears that nothing is going on but behind the scenes the possibility of a 1200 tap Walnut Syrup operation maybe a go!, Walnut trees under high vacuum should be interesting? I will wait to see the result before I tap my Walnut trees, I probably could have that many taps between my two farms.
Word is nothing else is brewing, a potential 5000 tap start up on a property with 25000 taps or more just could not get off the ground, operation was planned as a sap selling venture only. Maybe next year?
As for myself I am in rebuild and repair, lot of 3/16 tubing going in on my steep slope areas, for you anti 3/16 tubing folks here is why, neighboring camp has 2100 taps and brought in over 50000 gallons of sap last season! Has he has said if it clogs in three years he we tear it out an put up new!!

Mark 220 Maple