In addition to 2 of the LOAC tools, I also own a Line Viper. I find it works well but is heavier to carry than a LOAC 2 hand. I also own a LOAC 1 had but far prefer the 2 hand.With all of those, both my BIL and I tend to use my original 1 hand tool for repairs, it fits in a pocket and is less bulky. The one I use for that is a simple design, but it only is designed to work on 5/16, I carry a split piece of 5/16 to slip over the 3/16 to use it. I just looked but didn't see one like mine. It is built on a large size slip joint type pliers frame, but is not slip joint. When I open the handles far enough it opens a clamping jaw, as I squeeze the handles it tightens the clamp and pushes the end of the tubing towards a flat section with a slight curve and a slot in it. If installing a connector or T the opposite part extends thru that slot. It also has a low tech cutter on it but it still works well. I think this was the first tubing tool I ever got in about '04. Before that I used a thermos full of hot water.