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Thread: My evaporator pit will this work?

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    The pipe will create draw. The higher the more air it draws....that equals heat
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaredd91 View Post
    I didnt plan on adding a pipe if its not truly necessary. What really is the purpose of having an actually chimney or pipe? I figured it just needs a place for smoke to escape
    Along with helping increase natural draft, depending on which way the wind blows, it can keep a lot of smoke and embers out of your syrup..
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    So if im gonna add a chimney with stove pipe what do i need where do i get it? I dont wanna have to mortar it or anything was just gonna use regular bricks to hold it together.

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    Lowes and or Home Depot may have what you need for stove pipe. or if you have stove shop close by? Maybe get a 6 foot steel fence post to wire the pipe to for support?
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    Back when I had a small arch, outdoors, on my patio, I used 2 pieces of 1/2" EMT for guy supports. The stack actually leaned away from the back at maybe 30 degrees so the canopy tent I had over the arch would not get melted. I used a 1/4" bolt thru a hole drilled in flattened end on each EMT and bolted it to the stack. The other end of the EMTs were screwed to a top rail on my adjacent deck. Each section of stack had 3 screws holding it together. That worked well.
    If anyone is not familiar with EMT, it is short for electrical metallic tubing used to run electric wires in.
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