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Thread: Losing manís best friend

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    My heart goes out to you. My animals have meant more to me than most people. I lost my last dog at 17. When I had to put Emma down I was in such a dark place. I adore my cats,but they are not the same as the connection you share with a dog. I said I would never go through this again. My friend and I volunteer at our local shelter in the cat room. One year ago we lost our minds. A Chihuahua had been brought in. Someone let him put in subfreezibg weather. On the loose for 3 weeks. No idea how he survived( may they rot in Hell). We said "can we just look at him?". 8 pounds of skin and bone. My 86 year old friend held him. I said "time to put him back in his kennel". "nope". Ok. So we'll foster him. Somehow mt hands were filling out adoption papers...Ron said"so how long is he staying?". I told him about 15 or 20 years. Our baby boy turned 4 last week. He has a loving grandma across the street,doggie cousins,a beautiful Chi girfriend, and is a 14 pound gorgeous spoiled brat. To all the animal lovers out there...enjoy every moment. Animals love unconditionally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlandcattle View Post
    I adore my cats,but they are not the same as the connection you share with a dog.
    It was extremely difficult for me to say goodbye to our Devon Rex cat Toby last June. He was nearly 18 years old and had a sister who lived to 15.

    Like dog breeds, not all cat breeds are the same.

    You should try getting a Devon Rex cat. They are extraordinary animals in all aspects. Very vocal and run to the door as soon as you get home.

    They cry when you are about to leave the house for some time and are very perceptive as to when that will be the case, as they know exactly what a packed bag is.

    Their eyes are extremely penetrating and their VERY distinct pupils can follow your every movement far more intensely then a humans pupil. Not to mention the blankness of a dogs pupil.

    They have the softest short hair coat of fur you will ever touch in your life and they shed little to no fir.

    They live full lives around 16 to 18 years.

    One of the few things they will not eat is Maple Syrup.
    If you think it's easy to make good money in maple syrup .... then your obviously good at stealing somebody's Maple Syrup.

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    Am sorry for your loss, its so hard. our 12 year old golden suffered a ruptured spleen due to cancer in the night, was horrible. Honestly get another dog ASAP, it really helps the healing. We now have 3!
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    It's never a good time when they go and for me, as I age, it gets more difficult. My last pup was a 110lb gentle giant that was my best bud through a divorce and as I transitioned in a new direction. I had 15 good years, I wish there could have been more. Yes it's hard, so much so, I haven't been able to commit to getting another quite yet. Perhaps some day soon. Regardless, I'm sorry for your loss...really sorry!
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