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Thread: Ever make bread and butter pickles with maple sugar

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    Question Ever make bread and butter pickles with maple sugar

    My pickling cukes are growing like crazy. Done with making dill pickles.

    Has anyone tried making bread and butter pickles with maple sugar instead of white sugar???

    I am all out of white sugar. It is raining, thunder and lightening and I do not want to drive 20 minutes to the store to get white sugar,

    I do have maple sugar?

    Suggestions/recommendations pickle please...ha ha

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    why not plan for a small batch and just try it? If it works out great. If not then no big loss.
    Been tapping since 2008, but mostly unexceptional til recent years.
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    2018 - 17 taps/7 trees...819l sap, approx 28l syrup
    2019 - 18 taps/8 trees...585l sap, 28l syrup...21:1 ratio
    2020 - 18 taps/8 trees...890.04l sap...gave some away, some snafu'd....23l total for me from more like 690l all told

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