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Thread: September Journal

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    Default September Journal

    The cooler weather has started making it easier to get work done outside. Unlike 2 years and more ago, I still have more wood to buck and split, however most of what I'll be burning is basswood. Basswood splits easily and dries very quickly. Even what little I have to do yet will be good to burn for the 2020 season. The logs have been cut for 3 years and stacked off the ground, but still hold quite a bit of moisture. I split everything to wrist size and stack it under the 3' overhang on the sugarhouse where it dries well.
    This coming season I'll be cutting back on taps. My one remaining lease was up for sale, but now the landowner, who will be retiring in Dec 2020 says he wants to do it himself. He doesn't know yet if he wants to just sell the sap or if he will boil it too. I told him I would process on shares or maybe even buy the sap outright. I can process more, it's just a little too much for me to get all the pre-season repairs done and then keep up with any leaks. Much of his ground is 45-55% slope and my old legs get tired too fast.
    Dave Klish about 1320 taps in '15, down to about 700 in '16, up to 1000 for 2019?
    2012 Mahindra 36 HP 4x4/ loader/cab/heat/AC:-)
    added a gooseneck equipment trailer and F350 to tow it to haul more sap
    3x8 raised flue evaporator
    250 GPH converted to electric, RO by Ray Gingerich
    6.32 KW solar system, 1.48KW is battery backed up, all net metered
    website: www.cnymaple.com

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    I brought my wood splitter up to the house yesterday and got it tinkered up and ready to split wood. I replaced the starter solenoid so that it will start with the key. I noticed a lot of grass in the cooling fins so I took off the blower housing and cleaned it out. Some of the cooling fins were plugged with mud from mud wasps and there was a mouse nest in there too. I had to tape up the wire to the coil where the mice chewed the insulation off. It's ready to go now. I'll be filling the wood shed soon.

    "Red Roof Maples" Where the term "boiling soda" was first introduced to the maple producing world!

    Algier 2x6 evaporator, W F Mason arch
    Lapierre 250 Turbo RO machine
    SP-22 vacuum pump
    1930 Ford Model AA Doodlebug tractor
    1971 IH 454 52hp diesel tractor
    A couple of Honda 4 wheelers
    About a dozen chainsaws and no chickens

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    Bought my first canner in August and have been canning since. I've had a few markets open up to me in central US which I'm exploring. might have to add taps if it works out.
    2016- 50 buckets. Made 4 gallons
    2017- 100 buckets, 50 taps on 3/4 mainline and 3/16th tubing + shurflo vacuum. Made 30 gallons.
    2018- 1000 taps on 3/16 + vacuum, 60 buckets - made 378 gallons of syrup.
    2019- 1713 taps on 3/16 + vacuum, NO buckets. Made 500 gallons.

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