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Thread: Moisture trap

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    If anyone is making their own trap, especially if you're pulling higher vacuum levels, it is a good idea to make it so you can open them up enough to be able to remove a stuck ball. They can really get deformed and wedged in the fitting at times.

    Note also that if your moisture trap is in one location, but the pump is in another, and there is some distance between them (especially if they're at different temperatures), you can get condensation in the pipe in between them, so plumb them so liquid can flow into them from both directions in that case.

    Final hint...a check valve between the pump and the moisture trap is a really good idea. Keeps the vacuum in your system from pulling air (or oil) from the pump back into the tubing system.
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    That reminds me, my last one I made (described above) had a T not an ell out the top. The top of the tee had a screw in plug with thread seal, the side out was back up to the larger diameter going to the vacuum pump.
    While I had that plug so I could push the ball back down if needed, I never had to do it.
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    i've always wondered how the ball doesn't get sucked up into the top fittings... however it never has. the bottom 1/3rd of the trap unscrews for such instances. i do have a check valve, however it is between the trap and the releaser... perhaps i ought to move it to the other side? occasionally i get a bit of sap/water in the moisture trap... never more than 1/2 cup worth. i think it's from sucking up ice/ice vapor or my bb4 running 28 " might over powers the releaser form time to time?
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    Thanks tcross for the photo. It certainly helped me to visualize what you are talking about.

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