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Thread: Ordering a new 2x6 soon...came across this ad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Couchsachraga View Post
    Looks too good to be true to me (75gph with no blower, sap raider, etc...?). Not trying to start anything, just get a realistic idea (especially after their statement of "as equipped for...".)
    https://vermont.craigslist.org/grd/d...931564323.html....Thank you for any thoughts, even just confirming that 75gph isn't realistic despite their claims.
    My thoughts are that 75 gph without a pre-heater is a bit of a stretch.
    John Allin

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    Let us know what you decide to get and what size you end up with. Good luck with your shopping and have fun. Make sure you get what you want don't get pressured into something or settle for an evaporator with less function than you would like. It's your hard earned money, get what you want.

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    That friend I referred to in reply #2 in this thread, is a Sunrise dealer. He is Mike Weaver, Heritage Maple in Canastota, NY. He is Amish, thus no website, but he does have a business phone. If you get The Maple News, he is listed there. His phone number is 315-697-3904. You will not get an answer there on a Sunday, but he works 6 days a week.
    I sold him one lease that as I got older and cut back on my taps, he bought the lease. When I say he is a "friend", back when I had cancer in Jan-April 2018, he called me every few days to see if I needed help and to wish me well. I had met him 3-4 years earlier, as I was working my lines, getting ready for a season, he drove by on his tractor and firewood wagon, he pulled over, walked across a field and introduced himself. Since then I have bought some parts and supplies from him. He even loaned me his drop maker to help me make 800 drops faster this past Jan, free of charge. Oh, and I drove him, his wife and infant son to Saratoga Springs last fall to go to the maple tour. Great guy! If you call and no answer, leave a message, he does return calls. He also builds sheds, I've bought 3 of them, a 12x16, a 10x14 and a 14x28.
    Dave Klish about 1320 taps in '15, doing fewer each year, about 450 planned for 2020 (and after?)
    2012 Mahindra 36 HP 4x4/ loader/cab/heat/AC:-)
    3x8 raised flue evaporator
    250 GPH converted to electric, RO by Ray Gingerich
    6.32 KW solar system, 1.48KW is battery backed up, all net metered
    website: www.cnymaple.com

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