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Thread: July journal

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    Default July journal

    Wow, it looks like post season really dropped off in activity, I noticed a lot fewer posts but never noticed we missed the June Journal until right now, nobody ever even started a June Journal post all month.
    Well, here goes July. Getting ready for the 4th. We finally opened our pool last week, and I just got my ATV back. I had to change a front drive shaft on my 2004.5 Polaris and because I had put very agressive tires on the atv I'd had to add spacers on the front. That made it necessary to get longer wheel studs which I did, but then when I test drove it and the carb was screwed up and I don't do carbs, so I took it to a shop. $190 later it runs as it should. I still need to check out the winch relay, maybe need a new relay and I need to re-attach the rear rack.
    In maple, online sales were slightly slower for the first time all year, but they continued good at my only retail outlet as well as from my house. My next batch of bourbon barrel aged syrup will be ready in about 2 more months. It still remains my best seller by far, not in gal sold, but in dollar sales.
    I've lagged on finishing my firewood for 2020. The logs are stacked and have been for 3 years, but not all I'll need for next season is bucked, split to wrist size and stacked yet. I'm still deciding if I will change to oil or keep with wood another year. I have more than enough wood, but the advantages of oil for an evaporator do appeal to me. I need to make that decision soon.
    I will likely do wood 1 more year then change to oil. I'll then start selling some wood to homeowners, but no delivery unless I do 1/2 cord lots. I can borrow my brother's small dump trailer which can only carry 1/2 face cord of 16" wood in a load. That trailer is only built on an old boat trailer and then he added the hydraulics off an old slide it truck dump box. It works great but is limited to 1500# max payload. I'm not sure I want to do any deliveries.
    Plans for 2020 remain unchanged. I only plan at this point to tap the trees around my sugarhouse. That will put me to between 400-450 taps, with all sap going right to the sugarhouse. No more hauling sap. I will continue to buy sap from a few local producers and to meet my sales needs will likely buy some local bulk.
    Dave Klish about 1320 taps in '15, down to about 700 in '16, up to 1000 for 2019?
    2012 Mahindra 36 HP 4x4/ loader/cab/heat/AC:-)
    added a gooseneck equipment trailer and F350 to tow it to haul more sap
    3x8 raised flue evaporator
    250 GPH converted to electric, RO by Ray Gingerich
    6.32 KW solar system, 1.48KW is battery backed up, all net metered
    website: www.cnymaple.com

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    I’m from Minnesota. I have been tapping for four years. All buckets and bags. I plan to do some tubing this year. All my trees are in small groves 20 to 100 trees per grove. It’s flat here.
    Last season my wife went into the hospital with an infection in her back so a few friends did the gathering for me. It was hit and miss with a lot of mud and swampy groves. I finished with 23 gallons of grade A dark.
    I built a 4x 40 RO unit last year and removed about half the water. Which saved a ton of boiling time and wood. I have a 2x4 Smoky lake hybrid evaporator. It works great.
    So after clean up this year I upgraded my RO pump and motor and and put the whole thing together more securely. This month I’m making a second one to streamline processing. It will have another 4x40 membrane but the pump is 330 gal/ hr and the motor is going to be a 2hp. I may add a membrane to this unit if I need to.
    I got permission to tap another grove within a mile of my house so I’m hoping to put it on tubing. It should come in at 300 taps which will double my number of taps.
    July will also commence the farmers market season. I expect to sell it all at the market this year. So now that you all know me. I could use some help
    With tubing and vacuum pumps for small groves with 20 to 100 trees

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    Well I had a busy June, it's only been less than 3 months,( I think my last boil was around April 18th) and I have already sold over half of my syrup. Seems like there is a shortage of Dark syrup in N.H. from what I hear in sugaring circles. I've got almost all of my sugaring wood done for next season and I am working on my house wood"kinda sucks in july" but hey I was burning ash last season that was probably still on the stump in January.

    The Wife and I got a Camper In May, it's a 25' ultralight bumper pull with a Single slide. We have put some new Furniture in it and gave it a real good cleaning, it's a 2013 model year but the mice made a mess of it. New batteries, new microwave, new Television, but its pretty much ready to use. Now I just need some free time and a weekend w/o a Birthday party or a graduation party or a wedding. Lol life sure does get busy at times. I told my wife not to blink because it will be time to change the clocks again before long.

    Got a quote on some mainline that I'm going to need to shorten up the laterals and expand my woods, I think that I am going to go to a true wet/dry setup and run all 1" tubing.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.
    Nate Hutchins
    Nate & Kate's Maple
    2018 1000 taps?
    20x36 sugarhouse
    CDL 600gph RO
    Franken evaporator, lapierre arch, smokylake pans and a leader hood with pre-heater.
    A wife and 2 kids.

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    Crazy wet June here. Never went more than a day or two without rain.

    We’re all clay, don’t perk, standing water everywhere. On the bright side, I believe I could make the Guinness book for the world’s healthiest mosquito population.

    Yesterday concluded a 4 day rainless stretch, storms hit late afternoon.
    ‘Twas a long enough dry period that the pot holes in the driveway dried up and I could grade it out.
    Good thing, too. The drive was starting to look a little Lunar and Mable, the mail lady, was getting cross.
    Nobody likes Mable when she’s cross.

    We keep about 3 acres groomed up around the house and along the drive.
    Normally, I can get everything cut by the first week of June. This year, I still have areas too wet for the tractor, let alone the mower.
    The weeds are shoulder high to a Sasquatch, true story.
    I know what you’re thinking, but really, there isn’t any such thing as grass around here.

    On the syrup side…
    Everything has long been cleaned up and put away. Tweaking some software, but no major changes for next year.

    Short on wood, as always, but I’m not cutting this time of year.
    My place more closely resembles a poison ivy farm than a wood lot so I have to be covered head to toe when cutting, then toss in the PPE?
    Hard pass in the heat of summer.

    Market is going well. Sales are up 8% over this time last year, which is great considering we’ve had 3 market days shortened due to rain.
    Vinegar sales are moderate to strong. We’ve also made another concoction of maple and cane sugar plus cinnamon that’s getting quite a bit of interest (4:1 cane vs maple and a pinch of cinnamon).
    Folks seem to be buying larger quantities of syrup and doing so more frequently.
    I’ll take that as a good sign.

    With flooded woods, muddy pot holes, grapefruit size mosquitoes, rained out markets, and Sasquatch lurking in the weeds, it’s shaping up to be a fabulous year.

    At least sales are up.
    I’d be out there in my boxers yelling at clouds otherwise.
    42.67N 84.02W

    350 taps- 300 on vacuum, 50 buckets
    JD gator 625i Sap hauler w/65 gal tank
    Leader 2X6 drop flue

    Homemade auto draw-off
    Homemade preheater
    Homebrew RO, 2- xle-4040's
    LaPierre double vertical releaser
    Kinney KC-8 vacuum pump

    12X24 shack
    Lots of chickens and a few cats.

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    Tweegs just about summed up my situation. I'm dealing with flooding at my pump house because the town road crew put a culvert in a foot higher than the old one. Other than that the Christmas trees are growing and looking great. Happy 4th of July everyone!
    2016- 50 buckets. Made 4 gallons
    2017- 100 buckets, 50 taps on 3/4 mainline and 3/16th tubing + shurflo vacuum. Made 30 gallons.
    2018- 1000 taps on 3/16 + vacuum, 60 buckets - made 378 gallons of syrup.
    2019- 1713 taps on 3/16 + vacuum, NO buckets. Made 500 gallons.

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    We continue to steadily make our way through the drums in the basement - sales have been strong. Got a bit of wood cut up last week when it wasn't too hot but didn't touch the 8 chord in the pile beside the sugar camp. That pile can wait until September, as can the rest of the to-do list!
    4,600 Taps on vacuum
    9,400 gallons storage
    2x600 GPH CDL RO
    3.5'x14' Lapierre Force 5
    Twitter & Instagram: @ennismaple

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