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Thread: Thickness of stainless arch sides

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    Default Thickness of stainless arch sides

    Does anyone know what the thickness is of the stainless steel sheet that is commonly used on arch sides.
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    Thin enough so that is is easy to work with and thick enough to support your brick. I was fortunate so salvage the stainless for my arch build but it was on the thick side (around 10 ga) and a pain to bolt onto the arch frame. I never used so many drill bits on one project in my life.
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    I think most are 20 ga SS. To drill SS use a cobalt bit, it works best for SS. You should get several holes, if not all of them on one bit.
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    I talked with leader via email and they told me ( all 2' wide arches get 22 gauge anything bigger get 20 gauge ) . And yes , cobalt drills work best . Starting with a smaller pilot hole first makes them stay sharp longer . And having a ( drill doctor ) is real handy to have .

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