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Thread: Three Ingredient Maple Desserts--What're yours?

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    1-Maple syrup with cinnamon stick
    2-Oat meal
    Works for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by MapleMark753 View Post
    Hey, this is good, I'ma try some/all of these. On the pudding one, whats the consistency supposed to end up like?
    And, maple coated cashews with a bit of salt sounds pretty good too.
    Figures, the man with the phd comes up with the prize winner in like two seconds...lol...but i do bet its tasty.
    take care, Mark
    The pudding has a consistancy of cake on top with caramel on bottom. Best served warm

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    Grand Peres
    1)Maple Syrup

    Dilute 1L of syrup 50/50 with water, put in 6qt saucepan with cover and bring to boil
    Mix Bisquick w milk to form thick dumpling dough.
    Drop large dollops (at least 2 heaping tablespoons) into boiling syrup. Add dollops until surface is covered. Place cover on pot, turn temp down to low and cook for 20 minutes ( do NOT remove lid during this time).
    Check dumplings are cooked through, if necessary cook a little longer.
    Spoon dumplings with sauce into bowl and enjoy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by berkshires View Post
    Usually when I do maple nuts, I have to stir really hard, and sometimes for quite a while, to get the syrup to harden. If I did this with popcorn instead of nuts the popcorn would be broken up into tiny bits. How do you avoid this?
    Fold, not stir.
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