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Thread: Auto shut off for gas engine

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    Default Auto shut off for gas engine

    I believe there is a thermostat that is available to use to shut your gas engine off so that you can shut your vacuum pump off when the temp drops - can anyone share with me what brand or model they use so I can purchase a couple of them. Would be a great time saver. Thanks - Paul

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    I just have it close a switch that shorts the spark.
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    I put one of the cheap 12v temp controllers from eBay on mine this year. I have 2 on my pump. 1 to turn on and off the 12v blower to keep pump cool. And the other to turn pump off when it gets to -3 degrees C.
    Worked pretty good this year. But not so good when I wanted to start pump on my way to work before it was above freezing. So I turned it off and started pump in the morning. Then when I got home I turned the temp controller on. So it would shut off at night.
    It’s just wired into the on off switch on side of motor. Temp controller has a relay built into it. Not sure what I wired it to heating or cooling. But it’s one or the other. Very simple

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